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We provide Physical Therapy services

Physical therapy is a perfect complement to chiropractic care. While chiropractic focuses on the skeletal and nervous system, physical therapy strengthens muscles and ensures they work efficiently, enabling patients to experience better, longer-lasting results from their adjustments.

At Physiovation, Omni's physical therapy office, treatment sessions involve much more than supervised exercise. Therapists incorporate the latest hands-on techniques, specializing in a procedure called manual muscle stimulation. This approach enhances the communication between the brain and the muscles, resulting in increased strength, range of motion and muscle balance. Muscle balance around a joint is vital for maintaining proper function and alignment. Weak or inactive muscles can lead to undue stress on our bodies. Manual muscle stimulation activates muscles that are not contracting effectively, restoring them to proper function.

Traditionally, weak muscles are simply exercised in an effort to gain strength. This approach, however, often produces slow, if not futile results. To put it simply, a muscle cannot be strengthened effectively until it is working efficiently. Manual muscle stimulation achieves strength gains by simply improving the neural activity of the muscles.