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GPA (Gravitational Pattern Alignment) is a systematic and unique methodology utilizing a dozen or more manipulative procedures on each single visit creating a complete structural correction and body-balance. The GPA technique is based on achieving a bilateral postural symmetry in the weight bearing position from pedal(foot) foundation to the skull.

Gravitational Pattern Alignment is a chiropractic methodology developed by Dr. Nelson Vetanze in his 44+ years of Chiropractic Practice. In 2016 he developed a program to teach other chiropractors on this methodology of treating patients. With over a million of views on our YouTube videos we get calls and emails all the time for chiropractors who are trained in GPA. The following chiropractors have gone through online or hands on training. The Chiropractors identified as GPA Master Certification have gone through hands on shadow training with Dr. Vetanze. There will be many more as we take the program past the initial rollout phase.

Why does GPA have longer lasting results with a faster recovery?

The GPA(Gravitational Pattern Alignment) methodology is designed to provide fast long-lasting results understanding that people have pre-existing upright weight bearing issues without significant symptoms until they have an injury. Maximum recovery can only be achieved by eliminating pre-existing postural issues from feet to head. GPA technique allows a thorough system of examination of the postural and spinal condition: EVERY SINGLE VISIT.

“Often the site of PAIN is not where the problem is coming from but caused by a different source. Because GPA(Gravitational Pattern Alignment) assess the body as a whole structure, then fixes the problem generator first, then aligns the complete skeletal structure; only then, that quick long-lasting results can be achieved.” Dr. Nelson Vetanze, D.C.