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After a running a highly successful practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, he relocated with his family to Parker, Colorado to spend more quality time with his family. After settling in to his new life in Colorado, Dr. Roger continued to be in high demand among his select professional athlete clients. Because of this, he made the decision to return to active practice and opened ProHealth Chiropractic.

Dr. Smith works with the structure and function of the human body. He understands that proper biomechanics are necessary for wellness and symptom relief. His philosophy is based on the understanding that when an individual’s biomechanics are functioning properly all the various reasons people sought his care dissipate. Based on this knowledge, Dr. Roger Smith has maintained a thriving practice delivering successful care for the past 13 plus years.

Dr. Smith’s reputation, care, and experience has brought clients from all over the United States including professional football players. You will recognize some of them when you come to his office and see the autographed memorabilia.

Regardless of your athleticism, Dr. Smith can help you with your issues.